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Licences For
Alteration (LTA)

At GDA Surveying we can review or assist in the preparation of licence to alter proposals on behalf of freeholders and leaseholders. We regularly assist landlords, property owners, tenants and developers in navigating the legal and regulatory requirements or compliance involved in making alterations to a building or premises.

Our LTA services include:

• Compliance assessment.
• Application preparation / review.
• Negotiation and liaison.
• Legal and lease compliance.
• Documentation and record keeping.
• Works monitoring and inspection.
• Post-alteration review and compliance reporting.

Throughout the licence for alteration process, whether you are applying for, or granting a licence to alter we’ll help you protect your investment, the building, and its occupants. Additionally, we’ll minimise the risk of delays and errors, ensuring the proposed works are completed according to the agreed terms.

For more information on the above or to discuss any other requirements please contact Gareth Alexander or David Royal.

Our Projects

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