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Building Pathology, Defect Analysis & Repair

At GDA Surveying our wealth of experience on specifying the correct method of defect repair is built on the strong foundations and a detailed knowledge of all things related to building pathology.

Whatever the situation we adopt a methodical approach to our assessment to provide reasoned analysis and defect identification with a suitable option appraisal to ensure faults are addressed effectively.

We are regularly involved in reporting on the following:

• Damp / water ingress
• Condensation
• Timber decay / rot
• Insect infestation
• Crack diagnosis
• Structural movement
• Deleterious materials
• Concrete / masonry defects

We can also assist with preparing a work schedule, suggesting specialist contractors and any other aspects relating to repairs that you require.

For more information on the above or to discuss any other requirements please contact Gareth Alexander or David Royal.

Our Projects

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