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Stone Hall - Contract Administartion

GDA Surveying Ltd has been appointed as the contract administrator for the external repairs of Stone Hall in Kensington.

Stone Hall - Contract Administartion

Originally constructed in 1871 as an infirmary, this magnificent building has been transformed into prestigious residential accommodation.

Standing proudly as an iconic landmark, Stone Hall showcases its historical significance and architectural splendor in the heart of Kensington.

The scope of works for Stone Hall includes:
Façade doff cleaning
Sash window repairs
Stone and brick restoration
Structural repairs
Pitched and flat roof repairs

The project is scheduled for completion in September 2023, with a contract value of approximately £250,000.
As the contract administrator, GDA Surveying Ltd assumes several key responsibilities, including:

Conducting a feasibility study
Establishing effective communication with the occupants
Selecting the appropriate procurement route
Providing cost consultancy services
Ensuring compliance with CDM (Construction, Design, and Management) regulations
Creating detailed specifications
Managing the tendering process
Administering the contract for the works
With our expertise and commitment to excellence, GDA Surveying Ltd is dedicated to delivering exceptional results for the restoration and preservation of Stone Hall, ensuring its enduring legacy for years to come.

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