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Kensington Green Estate

GDA Surveying Ltd was appointed to develop a 30-year Planned Maintenance Plan (PPM) for the private Kensington Green Estate in London.

Kensington Green Estate

Kensington Green Estate is an exclusive residential development renowned for its luxurious properties and prime location in the heart of Kensington. The Estate offers a sophisticated and prestigious living experience, with beautiful architecture, landscaped gardens, and access to a range of amenities and services in the surrounding area. The Estate comprises 13 blocks of apartments ranging from 5 to 14 stories in height, in a gated community.

The main objective of the PPM was to preserve the property's optimal condition, thereby enhancing its longevity and value, while enabling the Estate Team to plan and deal with the peaks in expenditure. The PPM plan encompassed all building fabric elements as well as mechanical & electrical equipment.

By developing and implementing a comprehensive 30-year Planned Maintenance Plan, GDA Surveying Ltd aimed to ensure that the Kensington Green Estate remained in peak condition, meeting the highest standards of quality and providing an exceptional living environment for its residents.

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