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Estate Wide Fire Alarm System

GDA Surveying Ltd was appointed to tender, and then project manage the installation of an estate-wide category L2 fire alarm system in central London.

Estate Wide Fire Alarm System

The system was installed in 80 private residential blocks of apartments, and the fire alarm network was configured to connect all fire alarm panels to the Fire Alarm Management System in the Estate Office. This allowed for 24-hour remote monitoring of all blocks.

The main objective of the fire alarm system is to facilitate a simultaneous evacuation of the property by providing early warning to residents before the escape routes become compromised. This ensures the safety of all occupants and minimises the risk of fire-related incidents.

Our team of experts ensured that the fire alarm system was designed and installed to meet the highest standards of reliability and performance. Through careful planning and meticulous execution, we successfully implemented a robust and effective fire safety solution for the entire estate.

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