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Aycliffe House

GDA Surveying Ltd was appointed to oversee the contract administration for the external repairs to Aycliffe House.

Aycliffe House

Situated on Portland Street in London (SE17 2PE), Aycliffe House holds the prestigious status of being a Grade II listed property.

Originally part of the Bandon Estate, it represents a remarkable example of "homely" working-class housing. Its presence serves as a testament to its historical significance and stands as a reminder of the evolution and adaptation of buildings within London's urban fabric.

The scope of works included:
Façade doff cleaning
Repairs to sash windows
Stone and brick restoration
Replacement of all flat roofs
The project was successfully completed in September 2022.
In this role, GDA Surveying Ltd assumed various key responsibilities, which encompassed:
Liaising with the occupants of Aycliffe House
Selecting the appropriate procurement route
Providing cost consultancy services
Undertaking CDM (Construction, Design, and Management) services
Creating detailed specifications
Managing the tendering process
Administering the contract for the works, ensuring smooth execution and compliance with standards.

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